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"Menu Services did a tremendous job with our customer. Shortly after starting on the menu job, we received notification from the customer that they wanted a request for proposal on a Master Distribution Agreement. On Friday, Sysco was awarded the purchasing contract valued at $500,000 in sales annually... and growing. The menu project helped seal the deal. Thanks!!!"

"Menu Services did an amazing job working with one of our our foundational customers, providing the highest level of communication. The owner was blown away with the final outcome and gross profits that she is now gaining from the strategy ideas and menu engineering."

"Working with Menu Services to design our menu was a very easy and seamless process. I sent a few options as suggestions and they sent back to me exactly what i was looking for. Thank you for your professionalism and timely responses."

"Fantastic job delivering a stellar final product in impeccable time!"

"I have worked with others that don't follow the same process for detailing food cost, noting dogs, puzzles, stars, which is critical for this to be beneficial for our clients."

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