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Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and automation, Popmenu’s product suite delivers   real results restaurants can track daily. Our digital marketing, online ordering, and on-premise technologies help restaurants to increase new and repeat business—while reducing tools and saving time. We serve more than 10,000 independent restaurants and hospitality groups in the US, UK, and Canada.


As a leader in restaurant technology, Popmenu is on a mission to make profitable growth easy for all restaurants.

Popmenu supplies restaurants with the tools they need to successfully manage and build their online presence from website design and hosting, dynamic menu technology, email marketing, simplified menu management, Google My Business integration, social media, online ordering, and more.

The Menu is the primary decision point for all guests, new and returning. Popmenu’s unique, patent pending Menu technology, puts the preferred consumer preferences in the restaurants domain, where owners control the narrative and gain valuable consumer insights. Not only does Popmenu give restaurants a brand new, ADA conformant website, Popmenu also provides its customers with best-in-class support, ondemand training, and executes marketing campaigns and digital strategy for its customers.

  • Interactive Menu

  • Website

  • Direct Online Ordering

  • AI-powered & Automated Marketing Tools

  • Real-time Performance Tracking

  • AI-powered Phone Answering

  • POS Integrations


The Big Vibe Group

“For all of the things that you are struggling with, or feel are the most unattainable, you should turn to Popmenu, because they not only understand restaurants inside and out, but they also have the people to help you really maximize your exposure and success. They give you the tools and the support, and they guide you and your team on how to use them, and it's incredibly valuable.”  – Caroline Johnson, Chief Marketing Officer

The Deck

“Do you want to better control your business and your website? Then sign up for Popmenu."
– John Nye, Owner

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As a Sysco customer, you’ll receive


minimum to shared Sysco customers. Plus waiving all build, design, and maintenance fees, for both the full website and its online ordering platform!


John Piccirillo, Popmenu     email:

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